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April 27 2015

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I saw this sign and totally cracked up.

April 26 2015



ugh ok my dash is so dead lately i need new blogs to follow

like/reblog this post if u post the following, and i’ll check out ur blog! tbh ill check it out anyway but yea this increases ur chances

  • les mis, esp about enjolras
  • death note!!! if u post death note and arent ableist i will be so excited
  • bioware! dragon age is my fave but i need more mass effect blogs to follow
  • sj stuff, particularly about ableism & abuse culture
  • aesthetics, esp dark witchy kind of stuff

also like/reblog this post if ur any of the following:

  • autistic (self-diagnosed/questioning is absolutely fine)
  • have ptsd 
  • trans and/or nb
  • asexual / aro spec
  • are otherk!n/fict!onk!n 0:

if ur reblogging to signal boost, pls tag it that way, ty!

also if this gets a million notes i wont look at em anymore, sry

April 25 2015





today on the bus i heard teenage girls gushing about steven universe and talking about things they blog about and it made me smile thinking about this new generation of teenage girls and media

and then this dickhead grown ass man had to start muttering to his adult female friend about how “annoying” they were and how they were “ruining his birthday” and how he’d rather “walk several blocks” then stay on the bus with the girls 

the girls were enthusiastic and emotive but they weren’t that loud. it was ridiculous how bitter he was about it and how superior he acted about them and how they were “inconveniencing” him. just misogyny and unwarranted negativity in its purest form honestly.

i was glad they probably didn’t hear him because he said it quietly. he also complained about people calling him on his cellphone when he was at work for his birthday instead of texting him. who complains about people calling on their birthday??? just what an awful cantankerous person

I know right screw that guy for having opinions about people. It’s not like you judging him for judging others is ironic or anything

This is such a terrible argument. That guy was criticizing teenage girls because they were happy and passionate about something. He was literally bothered by them expressing their happiness, probably because they were girls and people loath teenage girls, given that there was no rational reason for hating on them whatsoever. They weren’t hurting anyone. 

I’m criticizing him for being misogynist and a negative, shitty person. The traits he exhibited are toxic and cruel. The girls were just minding their own business, and I really, truly hope they were not exposed to his negativity because it would have hurt them. I myself have been criticized by men in public for being emotive and excited when talking to friends as if they have any business policing how I express myself. It made me feel awful. It’s just misogyny and shitiness. I have a right to speak out against that. 

Also, this is me having opinions about people…which is somehow wrong while that guy having opinions in your view is somehow okay? So you can attack me for having an opinion, but I can’t criticize him for having an opinion? Your logic doesn’t hold out.

Okay but there’s a bunch of conditions where if people are constantly/very enthusiastically talking about something you can actually have problems? Like, I had to ask an elderly couple to tone down their discussion of the landscape on a 2h bus ride. I was very polite about it because I hate causing fights but not everyone always has the spoons for asking politely? And honestly that whole description reminds me a lot of autism and SPD where you just can’t block out that conversation like a neurotypical person could.

April 24 2015



constantly angry that i can never have short hair because of how mutilated my ears are

I have to have long hair because of fucked up genes causing me to slowly go bald since age 16 and have to cover up how bald I’m going around my temples already to look at least a bit feminine.

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since i’m from austria,that’s pretty funny :D

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Hi guys, so I am 3 followers away from 700 and I just really like giveaways. So 1 winner will receive two bath bombs of their choice and $10.00 worth of any soap of their choice!
* ends May 2 2015*
- re-blogs only (likes don’t count but use it to book mark)
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Good luck 💕🌸

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I vote that all nonbinary people are automatically professors from now on.


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reblog if your url represents who you really are 

I am really Putin’s girlfriend

then we have a problem

I can explain it

April 23 2015

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You don’t get to tell me how to live, WikiHow.

April 22 2015




Education is important by Arthur

holy shit

April 20 2015

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yeah put a space in trans woman please. it’s not transwoman. it’s trans woman. the same way a blue car is a blue car not a bluecar. there’s cis women and trans women, not women and transwomen, the same way it’s not cars and bluecars as if red cars are the default and blue cars are a different machine altogether

This is very important.

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